No Stress Pet Sitting

We apologize, but due to schedule constraints we are only

accepting referrals from existing clients at this time. 


We would be happy to check-in on your dog(s) while you're gone during the day at work/school. A great way for your pet to exercise and have fun!

We Are Unable to Accept New Clients At This Time


Not your average pet owner? Well fret no more, we've got all of your pet-sitting needs taken care of. No matter how big, small, furry, or scaly we can take care of them all. 


We take care of the mess, so you can enjoy being outside with your pet and family. We offer easy, reliable service, scheduling and billing.

No Stress Pet Sitting


Your cat's special and we understand how important it is that they feel comfortable while you're away. Whether just one or more, we can bring out the kitten in almost any cat.


We know how much you love your dog, and with us they'll be treated like family every time we come to visit with them.

No Stress Pet Sitting provides affordable and reliable pet and home services while you’re away for vacation or just a long shift at work. Our mission is to provide a stress-free option for pet care and to take care of our customer's pets like they're our own. That means coming to your home for more than just a feeding....we routinely walk, play and reinforce training for your pet to make sure that they're getting individual attention, exercise and love. With our extensive experience, you can be assured that your home and pet(s) are being taken care of by the best!

Wouldn't you rather have "No Stress"?