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We know it's impossible to think about travel right now. But your dreams aren't under quarantine. We will eventually get through this difficult time together. Take a deep breath and imagine:

You're on a sunny beach with the perfect spot, the kids are happily playing nearby, you take another sip of your drink and hear your phone ding's your pet sitter sending an update about how much fun your pet had at their visit and sweet picture of your furry best friend. You smile and relax a little further, knowing there's nothing to worry about and enjoy your vacation that much more.

Feel better? Let's take some steps to stay positive and start planning for that trip. You may not be able to book your flight just yet, but you can go ahead and take care of your furry friend. Purchase a gift certificate below and have one less thing to take worry about before your trip. It's a great way to support a small, local business during this time and to make sure your furry friend has the best care when you are away.‚Äč

Thank You for Supporting Small Businesses