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  Custom Baths

  Cats                      $15

  Dogs up to 45lb      $15
  Dogs 45lbs and up  $20

  Extra Dry-Time       $10

  We provide custom shampoos

  and conditioner at no additional

  cost. Custom baths can include

  de-shedding, whitening,

  darkening, anti-itch, medicated,

  sensitive skin/hypoallerginic and



No Stress Grooming

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Charity Work

We offer discounted and free grooming services to the local animal rescues and shelters in our area. We not only improve the pet's health, but also their chance of getting adopted or fostered. We also offer free grooming clinics for low-income and homeless pet owners in conjunction with St. Francis Pet Care. You can learn more about their mission here: 

Grooming Services
All services are available to cats and dogs, all sizes, all breeds...we work with aggressive, sensitive, senior and easily stressed pets.  We specialize in matted/damaged coats as well as skin irritations including allergies, yeast, dermatitis, etc.  We are flexible with scheduling and happy to provide services in-home or at our studio (free pet taxi available).

  A La Carte Services

  Nail Trim.................$12
  Ear Cleaning.............$12
  Full Body Clips/Cuts....$35
  Anal Glad Expression...$15

  Teeth Cleaning............$5

No Stress Pet Sitting

  Grooming Packages


  $45 (small dog <45lb)

  $60 (large dog >46lb)

  Includes custom bath, full

  coat trim, nail trim and ear



  $55 (small dog <45lb)
  $70 (large dog >46lb)

  All basic services plus teeth

  cleaning and anal gland