Stanlyn joined No Stress Pet Sitting in 2019. Her work as a home care nurse has made her a invaluable asset to our team. She understands that pets are most comfortable in their own environments and does everything she can to make them feel loved and comfortable. Her medical knowledge allows her to critically assess pets in our care to make sure they are healthy and happy. As an advocate (and adopter!) of pet rescues, Stanlyn is excited to work with pets from all backgrounds. We are fortunate to have a team member with such well-rounded knowledge and skill sets.

Brittany became a part of our team in 2019. She had already established herself as a qualified pet sitter through in our community. As a personal trainer, Brittany understands that playtime and exercise keep pets happy and stress-free. She has extensive knowledge in dog training and behavior which make her both a great dog mom and sensitive care-giver.  Brittany's enthusiasm and caring spirit are a valued part of our team.

Sam has been with No Stress Pets since 2015 and has helped us expand our business to service the more rural areas of North Central Florida. He has 10 years experience as a pet owner and recently has advanced to both a professional sitter and groomer. Sam is a great part of our team and loves helping those customers who need pet services in the rural communities.

Sarah is one of the founding partners of No Stress Pet Sitting.  As a certified veterinary assistant, Sarah has over 15 years experience in animal care both personally and professionally. Her professional experience includes volunteer and foster work at animal shelters, working as a veterinary technician and training her personal pets for therapy work.

JD is also a founding partner of No Stress Pet Sitting.   JD has over 15 years experience caring for animals and providing residential maintenance services. After spending years providing residential services for the elderly, JD found his calling in making sure individuals and their families have someone to trust and rely on in times of need.

No Stress Pet Sitting developed in the Gainesville area from a growing community need for stress-free boarding alternatives. Owners Sarah & JD Wingfield have built their life and love around caring for animals and always look for the best options for their own pets and wanted to provide safe, reliable services to other pet owners in the area.

No Stress Pet Sitting