We understand that there's a lot of uncertainty at this time regarding COVID-19 both as a disease, and as a factor in the way we are currently living our lives. We are right here in the neighborhoods with you (well, maybe 6ft away) and are doing our best to support the community while suppressing the disease. No Stress Pet Sitting has been following all the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) practice standards for taking care of pets. All of our staff are following CDC and OSHA workplace standards for monitoring health, washing hands, disinfecting surfaces and limiting contact with the public.

We are still able to provide services to our community. Since we provide services to pets in their home while owner's are away - we have very little contact with the public. While many healthcare workers are putting in long hours at the hospital, we are taking care of their furry friends at home so they have one less thing to worry about and can focus on the well-being of patients and themselves. In addition to dog-walking, we can also provide basic grooming services such as nail trims, ear cleaning, baths, etc. We do these services outside the home on-site or can pick-up your pet and bring them back after they're all clean :) No need to leave your home and venture out during this time, especially if you are at a higher risk of contracting COVID-19.

If we can be of service to anyone in our community, please call or text 352-376-2128 and let us know how we can help. Since, many of our clients aren't traveling now - we are offering online gift certificates that can be purchased now and used at a later time.  When you get ready to book your trip, after this is all over, your pet-sitting will already be paid for! 

We are also including links to the AVMA website which has a lot of great info about your pets and any risks associated with COVID-19. Lastly, we are providing a link to some charitable organizations we know that could use some extra support. We also want to encourage you to support your local, small business industry by purchasing gift certificates, leaving generous tips or giving to a fundraiser for small business grants, etc.

Be safe, be kind, be generous. We are all in this together (but separate, of course).

-Sarah and JD Wingfield, Owners​

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